Thursday, March 4, 2010


On Monday night I had my last indoor soccer game (the championship game, no less), and I got hurt. I very, very rarely get hurt playing soccer. Maybe it's because I'm not aggressive enough, or maybe it's because I'm superhuman or something, but either way, getting hurt is something I'm not used to. I have had the occasional ache and pain here and there during or after a soccer game or kick-boxing work-out, but not much more than that. The last time I got hurt in a soccer game was when I was pregnant with Drew (yes, my doctor told me I could play until I was 20 weeks along), and this short, fat guy slammed into me on the field. I had some rib issues after that, but nothing since then, and that was over 2 years ago.

So back to Monday night- I was going for the ball and another lady came in to tackle and basically got my ankle. I heard 2 pops/snaps (very gross to hear) and fell to the ground. I felt a very sharp pain shoot from my ankle to my knee, but I was able to get up and hobble off the field. It was very difficult to walk, and I'll admit it- I was scared. I've never sprained or broken an ankle before. I left the game, and about the second I got outside the Soccer House, I broke down in tears, and more or less sobbed the whole way home. I think it was a mixture of pain, fear, frustration at getting hurt, and general frustration with life (Drew had been a real bear that day, and we'd had one major battle). When I got home, Mike was freaked that I'd broken my fibula (a non weight-bearing bone), but I didn't really think that was the case. I iced and took Ibuprofen, and slept like crap- I had night sweats and was cold and it just wasn't a good night. However, Tuesday morning, the pain wasn't so bad. Mike went to his clinic to get me crutches, but I never needed them. And by Wednesday, things were feeling even better. Today they're pretty good, too, though I'm definitely not 100% yet. I'm really struggling with not working out, but the last thing I want to do is injure myself worse, so I have vowed to give myself ample time to heal.

Anyway, there are a few people out there (ahem, Laura H.), who thought I was making the whole thing up. So here's your proof:

This is a side-by-side comparison of my two ankles Monday night. The right ankle is the swollen one. I don't think this is a great angle to show the swelling, but you can sort of tell.

Here's my foot today, as the blood drains and the bruising becomes a little more noticeable. Also, notice the absence of an ankle bone. Again, the picture doesn't really do it justice, but I think it will suffice as proof for the doubters. : )

Since I can't really run around right now, playing chase, tag, and soccer with the boys (some usual favorites), is out of the question, so instead we've had some extra time for reading and snuggling.

Zach and I have also been playing more games, like this cool moon game Zach got from Aunt Sandy and Uncle Will for Christmas. You take turns putting the blocks on the moon, and whoever makes the blocks fall loses. On this particular round, we used all the blocks and nobody lost. We thought it was pretty cool how the blocks balanced, so we took a picture.


Simone said...

Bummer that you're injured, though happy that it's not worse. Doubters are the worst though!!! When I broke my foot in Rome, half my roommates claimed that it couldn't be broken because I could still wiggle my toes. Architects, sigh. Hope you get better soon!!!

Laura said...

OK! I never said you weren't hurt, I think I just told Mike he should tell you to suck it up! :) Only kidding, of course...I must've had some whiny patients that day or something!