Saturday, March 27, 2010


Earlier today Drew and Zach were having a disagreement, apparently about where Lightning McQueen's engine is (as if Drew even knows what an engine is anyway). Drew said it wasn't under the hood; Zach said it was. Drew screamed, "No!" Zach screamed, "Yes!" and so it went, back and forth, with each one screaming more and more menacingly at the other. We were trying to let them work it out on their own, but then I felt bad for Drew because Zach was in his face screaming, and Drew started crying, so I intervened. Zach was pissed at Drew, that's for sure, and one of the things I said to him was, "Do you like making your little brother cry and feel terrible by screaming at him?" Zach angrily said back to me, "Yes! When he makes me really mad I do!!!!" Huh; how do you react to that? Once again I was reminded of something my principal used to tell me when I was a teacher, regarding difficult parents- "Never get in a pissing match with a skunk." There are so many times I wish I could tell Zach that when he and Drew are arguing, because telling him that you just can't win an argument against a 2 year-old just isn't really sinking in with him. I guess he can always just scream at him and make him cry, though.

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