Monday, March 8, 2010

Mom and Boys Weekend

This weekend Mike was out of town, so the boys and I got some good quality time together. On Friday we basically just played around with Drew's new birthday toys. The boys were both super excited to get up Friday morning and get to playing. At some point in the day I got this awesome picture of the two boys. They were just sitting in the rocking chair together rocking and having fun, so I grabbed the camera. I've been wanting a new picture of the 2 of them together to go up on the mantle, and I think this is exactly what I've been waiting for!

Saturday we decided to check out the Science Center. Zach had been to the science center once with my parents, but Drew and I had never been there. I decided we would act like it was a preschool day so that we could get out of here early and get to the Science Center right about at the time they opened. That way, I figured, we could be done and home in time for lunch, and we wouldn't have to eat the questionable food there.

Here are some of the highlights from our visit:

We really liked this thing where it's a bunch of pins and you put your hand through it and it shows up on the other side. I have no idea what these things are called. Anyone out there know?

Zach especially liked this fishing area, where you use a little stick with a magnet on the end to catch fish. Then you could compare the fish to a chart to see what kind of fish it was.

After being there for an hour or so, we were all hungry, so we stopped and had a snack while we looked over the railing to the lower level. I just thought this was kind of a cute shot of the boys.

In the next room we got to make paper rockets and see how far they flew, we got to wrap up an egg (a fake egg) and drop it from a high tower to see if we did a good job packaging it (we didn't do so well, but we were in a hurry to get to the magic show), we got to play in a water table, and play with this cool ball wall. That is Zach down towards the lower right-hand corner of the picture. It was getting pretty busy at this time, so I have no idea how I managed to get a picture with just Zach in it.

Drew found the train table in that room, and he was quite content to sit and play with it for a while.

So after the aforementioned magic show (which was neat, but not outstanding) and a stop to touch a salamander, we went back to the room with the giant bubble wands. We just made a quick stop there before heading down the hall to see the Foucault pendulum, and then we headed home.

After we all (yep, me included) took naps on Saturday, we played some more and tried a new fish recipe and then had a movie night. Zach asked if we could watch Cars, and I knew that would be Drew's choice, but I wasn't sure if Zach would want to watch something else since we watched Cars the last time we did a movie night, but apparently he wanted to see it again. If Mike were around, I might have pushed for something else, but I didn't feel like arguing, so I just said that was fine. So after dinner the boys got settled on the love seat and I got the movie started. I was finishing cleaned up from dinner, and I heard Zach say, "I'm gonna scoot over next to you, Drew," and then heard Drew's sweet little, "Oh-tay," in response. This is what I saw when I came to look.

Sunday I was ambitious and decided the boys and I would get up and go to 8:00 church. Usually when Mike is out of town we just skip church because I'm too nervous about controlling the 2 boys for the whole church service, but for some reason I wasn't too worried this time. Overall, it went very well. There was the moment where Drew got his foot stuck in the chair in front of him and then fell and hit his head while trying to get it unstuck, and that wasn't so good, but we got it worked out.

Later on we painted and played. Here is Zach giving Drew a horsey ride. If you click on the picture you might be able to see their faces a little, and you can see how much fun they're having.

I probably shouldn't say this out loud, but Drew is going on day 6 of no time-outs and no major melt-downs. After the 2 pretty rough days last week (Tuesday and Wednesday), this is a welcome change, and I hope a permanent change! I don't expect him to never melt-down again; I mean, come on, he just turned TWO, but hopefully the obstinacy is subsiding a little bit. The boys and I are flying to Colorado later this week, so I'm sure that will be the day Drew chooses to revert to his old, fit-throwing ways.

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