Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back-Seat Drivers

It seems Drew and Zach have acquired the back-seat driving gene that may or may not run in my family. Zach used to be really bad about telling me what to do while driving, and it got very annoying. I'd say he did this more when he was 3 years old until he was in the early months of being 4 years old. I got to the point where I'd say to him, "You don't know all the rules of driving, so don't tell me what to do!" It seems the message finally sunk in, for the most part, anyway.

Well, yesterday the boys, Mike, and I were all in the van together, and I was driving. We were entering the interstate at the "West Mix-Master" (where there are multiple entries/exits in one area) at about 5:15 in the evening- rush hour. I was speeding up to merge, and Drew says, "Slow down, Mama!" Let me remind you, Drew just turned 2 a month ago! Zach said, "Drew, you can't go slow when you're getting on the interstate!" I had to chuckle. I said to Drew, "Do you think Mom's going too fast, Drew?" He said, "Yeah. Too fast, Mama." We went to our destination and when we got on the interstate to go back towards home, Drew reminded me again not to go too fast. It's so funny to me that he thought of this all on his own, because there's never usually anybody but the boys in the car with me the majority of the time, and Zach doesn't tell me to slow down. Every day that kid is able to verbalize more and more of his own thoughts, and I just love it, even if he is being a back-seat driver!

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