Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beer, anyone?

I'm not sure what the deal is, but Zach has been mentioning beer a lot lately. Not like he wants to try it or anything about us drinking it, it's more like just random stories that involve beer. It's not like Mike and I never drink beer, but we drink a lot less than most people we know. And actually, we rarely drink around the boys. We're not against drinking in front of our kids or anything; it's just that usually if either of us are drinking, it's a social thing, and we're out for a kid-free night with friends or something. This isn't always true, though. Sometimes I have a delicious Boulevard Wheat or Blue Moon just because I like the taste.

Anyway, Zach has shared 2 funny stories with me lately involving beer. Here you go:

1. A couple of weeks ago, the letter of the week at Zach's preschool was X. So one day Zach was telling me how X says "ksss." Then he made the hand motion like opening a can and said, "Mrs. Graen (his preschool teacher) says she thinks of the X sound like opening a beer. Kssss!" I was more than a little puzzled, because it wouldn't surprise me if Mrs. Graen is someone who does not drink at all. Also, I thought it was a little weird that a preschool teacher would use beer as an example in a story to a 4 year-old student. So I asked Zach, "Beer? Or root beer?" Zach said, "Beer." Then I thought some more and said, "Did Mrs. Graen say beer or pop?" Then he decided it was pop. The funny thing about this story, too, is that when I drink beer, I drink it from the bottle. Obviously we don't drink a lot of pop, either, or that probably would have been forefront in his mind.

2. The second story just occurred this morning. It was a nice morning, and the car was a little warm, so I rolled down Zach's window a bit. We turned a corner and he asked me to roll it up. I said, "Is the sun too bright if the window's down?" Zach said, "Yeah. Grandma told me your eyes turn to beer if you look at the sun." I thought for sure I misunderstood him, so I asked him about 3 more times what he said, and eventually realized that he really said your eyes would turn to beer from looking at the sun. I've heard things like you'll burn your retinas by looking at the sun and stuff like that, but never that they'd turn to beer. So, Zach clarified for me which grandma taught him this valuable piece of information, and though some of you reading this may think it was Grandma Cynthia, who seems to drink all my Boulevard whenever she baby-sits (just kidding, Cynthia!), it actually was Grandma Linda. So Linda, I'd love to know what you really told Zach would happen to his eyes if he looked at the sun, because I'm pretty sure he got confused. It gave me a good chuckle on an otherwise somewhat stressful morning, though, so thanks!

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Sandy said...

Hopefully your eyes turn to a good beer!