Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Backhoes and Diggers and Forklifts, Oh My!

Well, it's construction season, and that is great news if you're a little boy. Normally I wouldn't wish for any construction areas around our house, but with 2 little boys, one who especially loves trucks and the like, construction areas are fascinating. So lately on walks, if we happen to come across any sort of heavy machinery, Drew wants to stop and check it out. Generally I don't mind- the first time it was my idea to get Drew out of the stroller to check it out.

So here is Drew the first time we were out for a walk and came across an abandoned backhoe loader. Drew was happy to pose for a couple of pictures for me.

Notice Lightning McQueen is checking out the backhoe loader, too. Did you expect him not to go on the walk with us?

When Drew and I were looking at this backhoe, we noticed a big hole in the ground right next to it. I figured it was a bunny hole. Then we decided to walk around the backhoe to see all the parts of it, and as we got back around to the side we started on, I suddenly sunk knee-high into the ground upon which I was walking. It seems the ground there wasn't real solid, and what I thought was a bunny hole, was actually the spot where some other unsuspecting person fell. It was pretty funny, and I was glad we appeared to be the only people around.

Last week on our way home from preschool we noticed two big excavators working just a few blocks from our house. So we parked the car, ran inside to get the dogs, got Zach on his bike and Drew in his stroller, and off we headed on a short walk. Since it was about noon, I was worried we'd be getting there just as the guys were taking their lunch break, but they weren't. We got there just in time to see a little bit of action, and then we had a long wait while it seemed like there was a guy in the hole with a jack hammer or something. Finally, just as we were preparing to head back home, the jack hammering stopped and the backhoe started up again.

The latest walk that Drew and I took by ourselves while Zach and Mike were golfing was just this past weekend. We were walking through an area where there are a fair amount of new houses being built, and there were quite a few various machines there. Drew kept asking to get one on, but mostly they looked locked (doors were shut, anyway) or inaccessible to us. Mostly Drew was taking the news pretty well, but he really wanted to get on a forklift. Finally we saw one that was wide open, and though we were short on time, we took our opportunity and climbed aboard. This time Lightning McQueen waited in the stroller, though.

I remember a couple of years ago when they were widening the road one block over from our house. Drew was just a baby, but Zach, Drew, the dogs, and I would go for a walk in the afternoon and allow extra time to go over and watch all the dump trucks, rollers, and other machines going in and out, doing their work. I was pretty surprised by my own interest in watching these machines. Good thing I don't mind it too much, I guess, since my boys are so into it!

One last, totally unrelated picture here. It's been so nice lately that we've been playing outside a lot. The boys like to pretend that our playground is their pirate ship, and the other day Zach decided they should really get into it by putting on their Halloween costumes. So here they are, giving me their most menacing pirate looks. This picture just cracks me up- Drew looks like he's meant to be on a Harley, and Zach looks fierce aiming his guitar at me!


Goldenzinns said...

Where's L McQ? should be the title sometimwe when it's all pics of Drew so we can see if we can find it in the photos. You're a good Mom taking them to the construction sites.

Jen O said...

Very impressed w/ your use of construction equipment terminology Zinner! Before I started working in the business, I wouldn't have had a clue what an excavator was!!! If they boys ever want to take a ride in some equipment, head to Dyersville. Grandpa Dave would love to take them for a ride.

Sandy said...

I love the last picture - so menacing, especially that scary guitar!