Friday, May 14, 2010

Drew Quotes

Many of the posts on this blog are about funny things Zach has said. Well, now that Drew is putting multiple-word sentences together, he is starting to say some really funny things, too. Like his big brother, Drew picks up on everything anyone ever says, and is quick to repeat things. Thankfully this hasn't really bitten me in the butt yet, at least not too badly. So, some funny (at least to Mike and me) Drew quotes:

-Drew and I were making cookies one night while Mike and Zach were outside picking up dog poop (Zach wanted to help- how long before the novelty wears off and I have to force him to help?). Zach came in and went to wash his hands so he could help with the cookie making. After he'd started helping us, I turned around to do something and noticed Zach had put the bread bag he used to pick up dog poop (imagine it as a rubber glove of sorts) on the island in the kitchen. Not anywhere near where we were making cookies, but still, a bag used to pick up dog poop sitting on my kitchen counter. I freaked out. I could not believe that a dirty dog poop bag was on my kitchen counter and that Zach didn't think to throw it into the trash immediately. I yelled more than I should have (don't worry, I apologized later), and in the midst of me freaking out, Drew joined in with, "'Scusting, Zach!" in a very reprimanding tone. You can imagine I used the word "disgusting" a few times in that little rant. Once the boys were out of the room I calmly addressed Mike and his role in the whole situation. As the adult picking up dog poop, really, he should have seen to it that the dirty dog poop bag got thrown in the big bag of poop! Either way, I don't think that will happen again!

-The other day Drew correctly used the terms "nevermind" and "just kidding" correctly when talking to me. I'm not all that surprised he used those terms because Zach uses them a lot, but I'm just surprised he used them correctly.

-In the car the other day on the way home from preschool, Drew said, "Dad home," and I said, "Dad's at work, Drew." He said, "Dad home with me," so I said, "Do you want Dad home with you?" Drew said, "Yeah. Love him." That story definitely made Mike's day.

-The boys were laying together in Zach's bed yesterday. Zach was still waking up from his nap, and Drew was just lying there with him, acting out the story The Napping House. It's just a twin bed, so there's not a lot of extra room when they're both lying on it. Once Zach decided to participate, he sort of rolled over and his elbow kind of bumped Drew, prompting Drew to say, "NO, Zach. Make me nervous!" Again, it was the correct use of the word that made me smile.

-While Drew is putting together multiple-word sentences and even multiple-sentence paragraphs, he's still not always easy to understand, especially for people other than Zach and me, and often Mike. Drew always wants to talk to Caleb, Zach's friend who we drive to/from school every day. Unfortunately for Drew, Caleb could really care less about what Drew has to say. Often times, Caleb doesn't seem to even realize Drew is talking to him. So usually I end up filling in for Caleb's part in the conversation. This has been ok in the past, but suddenly this week, Drew wasn't having any of it. He'd say something to Caleb like, "Red dump truck, Cay-bub," and I'd say, "Oh, did you see the red dump truck, Drew?" And Drew's response would be, in a very annoyed, snotty tone, "NO MOM! NOT TALKING YOU! TALKING CAY-BUB!" The second time he did this I told him he was being rude to me, and then he apologized to Caleb, which prompted Zach to say, "You should apologize to Mom, Drew!" The last time Drew did this to me was yesterday (the 3rd time this week, I think), and it was a time when Drew was talking to Zach. So I calmly told him he was being rude and that instead he should say, "I was talking to Zach, Mom," in a nice voice. Hopefully that will happen now, because although it was funny the first couple of times, if my 2 year-old keeps talking to me like that, I am in some trouble, I think.

-The last quote, and maybe the best. After the boys' bath, I always wrap Drew in his towel and sit him on the counter to brush his teeth. Then we get his jammies on. A couple of weeks ago he was sitting there on the counter, and his towel was open, and he started touching his penis and testicles, and saying, "Oh, gosh. Oh, gosh." Mike and I couldn't help but smile. Then he said, "Tiny penis," then thought a minute, and like any man, changed his mind to, "Huge penis... huge penis." It was very a very funny moment, for sure.

This kid is such a little dickens!