Monday, May 3, 2010


We've had 2 big milestones in the past couple of weeks, one for each boy. First, last week Drew pooped on the potty, which was our first successful attempt at anything happening on the potty with him. He tells us every time he poops so we can change his diaper right away, and he knows that if he goes on the potty he'll get M&Ms, but something just isn't clicking for him. Anyway, one day last week Mike caught him right as he was about to poop and got up to the potty in time. Drew was very happy to have pooped on the potty and to get his M&Ms, but we haven't had any repeat occurrences, and that's ok with me. I have hoped he'll get potty-trained right at 2 and a half years like Zach did, and that's not until September, so I figure we still have time. And don't worry, I know he's not Zach and he may not potty train at the same time that Zach did, and I'm fine with that, too.

The other big milestone that just occurred yesterday, and this one was Zach's milestone. He rode his bike with no training wheels! We tried removing the training wheels last summer one time, and Zach just wasn't ready. He just leaned so much to one side or the other. We've been thinking for a while that we needed to give it another shot, and yesterday the boys were on their bikes (Mike and Zach on bikes, Drew in the Burley), and they ran into a preschool friend of Zach's who was on his bike with no training wheels. I think this really helped Zach to see that someone his age/size can ride without training wheels, and therefore maybe he could, too. So about 15 minutes before we needed to leave our house, Mike and Zach went out and gave it a try. Drew and I went out after about 5 minutes, and I was sort of expecting to see the major leaning we'd seen last year, but I was wrong! This video is from a few minutes later.

Zach got a little more practice in tonight with Mike, and did and even better job. He had a couple of good stops, but also a couple of crashes into the grass. Next we'll have to tackle getting started on his own and turning corners. We are so proud of him, though, and feel like this is a great boost for his confidence. I think his birthday in a month may bring a bigger bike, too.

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Goldenzinns said...

Great accomplishment for both boys. We hope to see Zach on that bike in June!