Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pirate Show

Last Friday Mike and I got to do something special with Zach. With our good friends Ross, Kristin, and their son Caleb, we went out for dinner and then to see a show at a small community theater in town. The show was How I Became a Pirate, based on the book by Melinda Long and David Shannon. Zach has a signed copy of this book thanks to Grandma Cynthia, and he loves it, so when Kristin suggested the idea of the 6 of us going, he was thrilled. It didn't hurt that Zach thinks Caleb, Ross, and Kristin are about the coolest people on the planet, either. I think it was extra special, too, that Drew stayed home and didn't get to go with.

The show was great. They embellished the story by adding lots of songs and dancing, and the actors really did a wonderful job. I was especially impressed by the 6th grade boy who played the main character, Jeremy Jacob. The fact that a 12 year-old kid can memorize songs, lines, dance moves, and perform them all in front of a large group like that just astounds me. I couldn't do that now, and I'm an adult!

Here are Zach and Caleb sitting on the stage after the show. We almost got into big trouble for this picture!

This is Zach and Caleb with Shark Tooth, one of the pirates. I love the mean pirate faces the boys are sporting here.

Here they are with Captain Braid Beard himself. It was so nice of all of the actors to talk to the kids and give them autographs after the show.

Even after the show I was impressed with the actor who played Jeremy Jacob. I think a lot of kids his age would have acted somewhat stand-offish with little kids, but he was totally comfortable talking to Zach and Caleb. He initiated conversation and as you can see from the picture, he got down on Zach's level and was really interested in what Zach was saying. I imagine his parents are pretty proud of him.

Here are Caleb and Zach with Jeremy Jacob.

It was such a great night. It was fun to watch Zach's face as he took in the whole show and to hear what he liked best. I was a little nervous about how Drew would do at home knowing that Mike, Zach, and I were all together without him, and it sounded like he did ok. At bedtime he said something like, "Mommy, Daddy, Zach wake me up," or something along those lines, so I think he was missing us a little, but he definitely had fun with Grandma Cynthia and Grandpa Kevin. And, it was a nice way for Ross, Kristin, Mike, and me to celebrate our big boys and the end of their preschool year.