Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Little Jake, A Little Drew

Jake is trying really hard to roll from his back to his tummy these days, and he's getting very close. It's cute except for the fact that I think he's been practicing at night, when he (and me) is supposed to be sleeping. Last night, on one of my many half-awake, dazed and confused trips into his room to help soothe him, I found him kicking those legs up and throwing them to the side, getting his whole body onto his side at the same time. We're still swaddling him at night and for his naps, but I'm thinking we may have to quit that soon, because I don't want him to be successful in rolling over and then have his hands tied up in his straight jacket (which is basically what a swaddle seems like to me) and not be able to push his upper body up very well.
He was practicing his skill again tonight, so I grabbed the camera just in case. Drew was hanging out with me while Mike and Zach played in the basement, so this video is about 5 minutes of Jake trying to roll over, and giving a little giggle, and Drew showing some of the stuff he knows and just being a little silly. Please excuse Drew's funny hair- he had his bike helmet on for a while earlier this evening.

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