Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sisters/Cousins Weekend Day 1

Mike left town last Wednesday to go to California for one of his doctorate classes, leaving me on my own for the first extended period since Jake has been born. We got through the first day and a half just fine, and were very excited when my sister Becky and nephews Cam and Myles arrived on Thursday evening. This was their first time meeting Jake, and the first time Myles came to Iowa. His life is now complete, I think.

This first picture cracks me up, because Jake looks so annoyed with the situation.

Myles was always very sweet with Jake. He is 17 months old, and he'd point at Jake and say his version of baby. He would also try to give Jake his pacifier, which was pretty cute.

The boys had dinner and got some play time in, though not enough play time if you asked Cam and Zach. Those two were so excited to see each other. It's great to see the joy on their faces when they are reunited. We let Cam sleep in Zach's room, and they did a pretty good job of not staying up too late. The next morning everyone was up pretty early and ready to play. It didn't take long for Drew and Zach to rope Cam, Myles, and even Aunt Becky into one of their favorite games- racing around the house.

We pretty much just hung out at home all day on Friday. I let Zach skip school since he doesn't get to see Cam, Myles, and Becky very often. It had been at least 6 months since we last saw them- that's too long! Anyway, Cam and Zach played Star Wars pretty much all day. They traded off between playing big Star Wars, where they were the characters and had their light sabers, and small Star Wars, where they flew their ships around (Cam brought his X-Wing with him) and used their little action figures.

Friday night my sister Sandy and nephew Anders arrived, making it the first time that all 6 boy cousins were at the same place at the same time. With all those people staying here at my house, we had to get a little creative in the sleeping arrangements. Now that we have 3 kids, we no longer have a guest room. Two weeks ago somebody could have slept in Jake's room, but now that we have transitioned Jake to his crib, I didn't really want to mess with that. He's been doing such a good job in there, and I just didn't want to change him back to the swing or bassinet. Becky and Myles were in the basement, so we decided we'd put Sandy and Anders in Zach's room, and we'd try all three of the oldest boys in one room. So we pulled out the trundle of Drew's bed and got a second air mattress (thanks, Curt & Linda!), and Zach, Cam, and Drew had a little slumber party. First, though, we had to do some reading.

Anders wasn't quite ready for bed, so he got to go downstairs and hang out with Jake for a bit.

He even got to hold him again (with his mom's help) without either of Jake's pesky big brothers around to be overprotective or possessive of their baby brother.

It took a little while for the boys to settle in and go to sleep (Drew kept trying to talk to Cam and Zach, who were doing their best to follow the no-talking rule, and Anders had to potty about 4 or 5 times), but once the boys were all in bed, my sisters and I enjoyed some peace and quiet and some TLC programming. It was quite a nice night.

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