Saturday, March 5, 2011

Longest Week Ever

Man, has it been a long week here. After my sister Becky and my nephews left on Monday evening, I figured we'd just get back to our normal schedule. I couldn't have been more wrong. At about 3 in the morning that same night (so technically Tuesday morning), I awoke to Zach crying out. I hurried to his room, where he informed me just in the nick of time that he had just thrown up on the carpet where I was about to put my bare foot. As I began the clean-up, which was maybe the grossest thing I've had to do yet as a mom (picking chunks of food out of carpet is way worse than getting baby poop on your hands, in my opinion), Zach headed into the bathroom to throw up some more. About a half-hour later we were both done, and we both went back to bed. Where was Mike through all of this? Dead asleep, of course! So when Zach came in later to let us know he had been sick again (not just vomit this time, if you catch my drift), Mike didn't even believe him at first when he said he'd already thrown up. Anyway, what I assumed would be a 24 hour stomach but turned into a 6 day (and counting) ordeal. Tuesday it was stomach issues for Zach and a little bit for Drew (though not anything like Zach), no appetite for either of them, then aches, high fever, and general lethargy for the next few days. Drew never was as severe as Zach was, thankfully, but he still didn't feel great.

I've been wiped out by all this sickness. It seems like me sleeping more than 2 hours at a time at night is a distant, very fond memory. Same with showering on a daily basis. I think I showered twice all week last week. And the days were painful and long. Zach only wanted to lay around and be snuggled. Drew wanted me to play with him. Jake needed to be held and bounced. So I was being asked to do 3 different things all the time, and felt like Jake was the only one really getting what he wanted usually. So, the boys watched a lot more TV than I normally allow, and played more computer games than I normally allow, too. Thank goodness for Grandma Linda, who came over so I could at least go grocery shopping on Tuesday for some essential items, and who watched Drew and Jake so I could take Zach to the doctor. That appointment ended up lasting 2 hours, and during that time he was tested for mono, strep, and influenza, but all tests were negative. We also learned that his weight had dropped from 44 pounds this summer to 39 pounds. That's what happens when you eat half a popsicle all day, I guess. I'd try it if I thought I could lose that last little bit of baby weight that way, but I'm pretty sure I'd win the Crabbiest Mom Ever award if I tried to make it through the day on just a popsicle.

Then yesterday they both woke up coughing, sneezing, and with noses that won't quit running. We're going through kleenex like it's going out of style here. And now Jake has a runny nose and terrible cough, too. I tell ya, if there's anything that breaks your heart, it's hearing your little 12 week old baby coughing and all congested. Poor kid. However, Zach seems improved even today compared to yesterday, so maybe it won't stick around too long. Honestly, it's just nice to have Zach showing some zest for life (and a more normal appetite) again!

Originally I was going to include Drew's birthday pics in this post, but I think I'll save them for tomorrow. Jake's actually asleep, and given the rough week I've had, I think I better take this chance to get caught up a little on my sleep, too. Five bucks says he'll be up in a half hour, though. I'll let you know in the next post.

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Jen O said...

I hear ya Zinner! I was up last night w/ Lauren, starting at 3 am. She's had it coming out both ends since! I'm so sick and tired of cleaning up puke and poop! Not to mention washing sheets, clothes & towels! I don't think my machine has had a break all day!

We're going on week 3 in our house w/ sick kids. This has been the worst winter ever in our house for sickness! Hope the boys start feeling better soon!