Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

For any of you who don't have boys, or who don't have boys who are yet 3 years-old, here's a preview of what may be in your future:

Story #1-
The other night Zach and Mike had just gotten out of the shower and were drying off before getting dressed.  Zach said to Mike, "Wanna see me make my penis long?  I just do this."  I'm sure you can imagine what was going on.  Mike just said, "Oh, yeah..." and quickly focused on drying his hair.

Story #2-
This morning I was in the kitchen and Zach and Drew were in the living room.  Zach said, "Oh, I tooted.  Can you smell it, Mom?"  I replied by saying, "No.  Does it stink?"  And then Zach came running out into the kitchen saying, "Yeah, smell it," as he turned his butt towards me.  I kept doing whatever I was doing, which involved walking around busily (we were just trying to get out of the house), and Zach followed me around butt-first saying, "Mom!  I really want you to smell it!  Do you smell it?"  Finally I just said, "Yes, I smell it," so he would leave me alone.

Obviously there's a lot to look forward to with raising boys.

On another note, Zach and I did our first science experiment today.  We searched and searched for a bunch of different objects, and then we tested out which ones floated and which ones sank in a bowl of water.  Before testing each item, we both hypothesized what we thought it would do.  Zach did a great job guessing.  I would say he guessed correctly about 90% of the time or better.  A couple of items I thought would trip him up, like the clothespin and the paperclip, but he got them both right.  We sorted the objects as we tested them- one pile for floaters and one for sinkers.  Zach had a blast with his first science experience, as he called it.  He wanted to keep finding more and more objects to test out.  

Here's a picture of Zach doing the experiment.  This paperclip sunk, though I thought it would float.

And here's our fine pile of items that we tested.  Floaters on the left; sinkers on the right.

After our science experiment Drew woke up from his morning nap.  The last 2 days he's taken great morning naps, and I think maybe it has to do with me letting him put himself to sleep instead of me putting him to sleep.  Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I started trying to put him down sleepy but awake instead of asleep, and suddenly he's sleeping longer than 40 minutes in one stretch.  I hope it keeps up!  

Once Drew was up we took care of a few things and headed out the door so the boys could go play with Grandma Linda and I could take Mike's sister Katherine out to lunch.  Katherine leaves for her freshman year of college on Saturday, and I decided we needed some sisterly bonding before she left.  We had a great lunch.  It's hard to believe Katherine is leaving for college.  When I first met her she was in 4th grade.  Time really flies.  Katherine, we'll miss seeing you, but we will come visit!!  Have fun at St. Olaf!  We love you!


fredecker said...

Hilarious stories Sare! Will had a flash card that suddenly went bad one day, you might not be able to use it anymore. And I'm sure you know what I will do if any of our neighbors offer me tickets to the RNC next week! That wouldn't happen anyway as Republicans are few and far between in our neighborhood. Still, your comment cracked me up!

Goldenzinns said...

What a good Mom you are to smell toots. your stories are so cute and we really enjoy them. Also we agree Drew looks like Humpty Dumpty