Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Mind of a 3 Year-Old

Just now Zach and Mike were wrestling, and Zach decided to bite Mike on the shoulder.  Mike yelled out, "OWWW!  That's a time-out!"  And Zach started crying and immediately saying, "Sorry, Daddy!  I want to kiss it!"  So when his time-out was over and Mike went to talk to him about what happened, first Zach apologized and pulled up Mike's sleeve and kissed his shoulder.  Then the conversation went a little like this:

Mike-  "Why did you bite me, Zach?"
Zach-  "Not for fun."
Mike-  Silent- not really sure what to say...
Zach-  "I was going down and my mouth was open and it was going to smack! jam! on the floor (as he hits the floor for emphasis) and so I closed it and it was on your shoulder."

Well, after Zach and Mike came back to where I was, I asked Zach why he bit Daddy, and he more or less told me the same story, and I lost it.  I could not stop laughing, even though I tried so hard.  It was just too funny of an explanation.  

And that whole, "Not for fun" thing is Zach's latest excuse anytime he does something I don't like.  At times it's a little funny, but often it's just kind of annoying.  For example, I might say, "Zach, why did you grab Maggie's fur?"  Reply- "Not for fun."  

The "smack! jam!" bit is another of his things.  He uses that to explain anytime something falls or he falls or a dog runs into him ("I was running and Maggie was running and she just hit me and I smack! jam! on the floor like this!") and he always hits the floor or his hand to emphasize the smacking and jamming that goes on.  It almost always makes me laugh, though he's as serious as can be when he's telling it.

Aaah, the mind of a three year-old...


Eejaydee said...

This made me giggle out loud.

fredecker said...

I wonder if Becky had a smack! jam! experience when she bit me on the back that time? Sam

Britt said...

Wonderful logic, Zach. I often hear, "It was an askident, Mom." It's so hard to discipline when you're laughing, isn't it?! Last week,
Cale told me he was going to send me to my room and I would have to sit for a long, long, long time - all while shaking his finger at me. It took all I had to keep my composure. After all, I can't let a 3 year old talk to me like that, can I?!?! :) We need to get these boys together!

Laura said...

Love it.....Zach sounds like he's got it all together:-)

zinncaulfield said...

Yes Sandy, I did have a smack! jam! moment when I bit you! Ugh, Cam has been biting a couple times this week.
Tonight in the car when Cam was talking to Tom and Tom wasn't paying attention, I answered him and he said, "No Mommy, I not talking to you, I talking to Daddy." And so it starts at the ripe age of 2.