Saturday, August 23, 2008


Drew has had a couple of big "firsts" over the past week.  He sat up for the first time a week ago, and he has now eaten not only his first taste of solid foods, but also his first full jar in one sitting!  He is a good eater!  We started with rice cereal about 2 weeks ago (after an unsuccessful first attempt about 6 weeks ago per the doctor's suggestion) and did that for a week.  It went much better this time around than the first time.  Then this past Monday we started vegetables, starting with sweet potatoes.  He liked them.  So far he also likes squash.  Last night he ate a whole jar and a little bit of a second jar.  Little piggy!  Zach likes to help feed Drew, too, but a lot of times he ends up being too entertaining, and he just distracts Drew.  Drew sure loves to watch Zach.

Here's Drew eating some sweet potatoes.  He already likes to help.

Here's a picture of Drew sitting up.  I compared it to one of Zach at about 5 1/2 months old when he started sitting up, too.  I don't think they're looking as much alike as they did as tiny infants at this point.  Drew is bigger, and either his hair is lighter, or he just doesn't have as much of it.  I can't post the picture of Zach because we took it before we got this computer and we don't have it saved on here.

Like Zach at this age, Drew is now getting more and more interested in the dogs, which is pretty fun.  He definitely is a people person, too.  If he's laying on the floor and I get up and leave him, he starts to fuss.  I think that's why putting himself to sleep for naps has not worked out yet.  He flips out if he sees me leave the room.  It's not the same at night- he seems to have that part figured out, but nap times are just difficult still.

Here's Drew checking out Maggie.  Right after I took this picture Maggie gave him a big, slobbery kiss.

Zach hasn't had any new "firsts" lately, though he will be starting preschool here in about a week and a half, so that will be his new thing.  Our neighbor asked Zach if he was excited for preschool, and Zach's verbatim response was, "Yes, I'm looking forward to it."  I was surprised to hear him say that.  On the flip side, when he pottied the other day and sprayed a little on the wall, he did say in a completely nonchalant manner, "I guess I can't go to preschool now.  Oh darn."  He didn't seem too worried about not going.  Hopefully he'll just be excited on the first day.  He also has told me that he's not nervous about preschool because he went to Vacation Bible School.  VBS did happen to be at the same place as his preschool, so every day I'm more and more glad that I had him do that.  I think it will make dropping him off there a lot easier because he's already comfortable with the location.  We have orientation next week, and Mike, Zach, and I are all going after we go out to lunch first.  I think that will get him even more excited, after he meets his teachers and sees what his classroom will look like.  I can't believe my baby is going to start preschool. 

Here are a couple of random pictures of Zach.  The first one is Zach playing pilot (whether it's a helicopter or an airplane he's flying changes from minute to minute).  It was his idea to wear the glasses and the headphones like a pilot does.  The other picture was taken on Thursday, which is trash day.  Zach lives for the trash and recycling trucks.  We're lucky that the trucks come around the same time every week, so we know when to listen for them.  It was raining this past Thursday, so he was excited to put on his raincoat from Aunt Sandy (it matches her pajama pants) and go out and say hi to the trashman.  Thankfully the trashman waves back every time.  Zach would be crushed if he didn't.

I just finished my first 10 weeks of my Farrell's Extreme Body Shaping program, and it was good.  I had my 10 week final testing today, and I met all of my goals, so I'm very happy with that.  I'm very doubtful that I'll win the $1000, but that's ok.  I am considering entering the year-long challenge, which has one $10,000 winner nationally.  I think Farrell's only has locations in Iowa and one in Omaha, though, so nationally isn't that big of a deal.  Again, I'm pretty sure I couldn't win the money, but with the year-long challenge you still have to test every 10 weeks, which would give me more motivation to stick with it all.  We'll see...


fredecker said...

Awesome pics Sare! I love them all. Good for Drew for sitting up - he looks so different for some reason in that picture. I'm really glad that Zach likes his raincoat so much! Sam

fredecker said...

Oh and congratulations on meeting all your goals in the program! I'm very proud of you, you looked great at the shower, I'm sure you look even better now!

zinncaulfield said...

I agree, Drew looks different in that picture. What a cutie!