Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That's How God Made Me

Today I was cutting Zach's fingernails and toenails (always a fun job), and there was some extra skin that was loose right around the nail on his pinky toe.  I was trying to just flake it off gently with my fingernail, and Zach kind of flinched, though I really don't think it hurt.  Here's how our conversation went:

Zach- "Ow.  That hurts."
Me- "Sorry.  I'm not trying to hurt you.  You just have some loose skin here or something."
Zach- "Well, I just have skin."
Me- "Well, it's loose and I'm trying to get it off.  It shouldn't hurt."
Zach- "Well, God made me with skin, so just leave it alone."
Me- "Oh, really?"  Trying not to laugh.
Zach- "Yeah, that's just how God made me, so just leave it alone... Why are you laughing?"

I just thought it was funny that he pulled out this whole that's-how-God-made-me thing.  All of this took place after he told me how Dad hurt him last time he cut Zach's nails.  That happened a long time ago, but I swear, this kid has a memory like a steel trap.


Goldenzinns said...

I loved this story and your last posting. I am trying to check yours and Sandy's blogs every few days. Tonight I had to reset my password as I had forgotten it! Great pics and stories!

zinncaulfield said...

That's funny!