Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meeting the Preschool Teachers

Today we went to meet Zach's preschool teachers and check out his new classroom.  First Mike and I took Zach out to lunch at Gateway Market, a new organic market and cafe in West Des Moines.  I've been wanting to try the one in Des Moines for a while but haven't gotten down there.  Then we got a coupon for a free kid's meal from when Zach did VBS, so this was the perfect opportunity.  All I can say is YUM!  It was so good.  Mike had a BBQ pork sandwich that he loved, Zach had a delicious, wood-fired cheese pizza, and I had a delectable cranberry-walnut salad, which had Gorgonzola cheese, craisins, salad greens, red onions, grilled chicken (I added this- it can come w/o it), and, the best part of all, candied walnuts.  Then it had a creamy balsamic dressing.  Sandy, I think you would like it a lot.  I told Mike that I knew where I'd be taking you next time you're in Des Moines, whenever that may be.  

Anyway, enough about lunch.  Zach's teachers seemed really nice.  His classroom is cute, and he easily found his name on his cubby, the attendance tree, the floor for circle time, etc.  We met a couple of other kids in his class, too.  Zach was really excited to get his new red schoolbag (they all use the same one that we purchase there), and he carried it around the whole time.  Now he's excited to put his name on it and decorate it however he wants.  Maybe we'll go to the fabric or craft store and look for some iron-on letters for his name and some other fun stuff.  Zach seemed a little nervous or shy being there, but overall he was fine.  He wasn't afraid to tell his teachers that it was nice to meet them and that he's excited to see them on Tuesday.  We were also excited to see that 2 boys in his class live near us- one about a block up on our street, and the other lives 2 blocks over.  That makes me think of my friends that I've been friends with since preschool, especially my friend Ange, who reminded me the other day that I was at her 3rd birthday party over 27 years ago.  It's so weird to think that she and I have been friends since we were Zach's age.  

Zach really needs his hair cut (I think that's happening tomorrow), so today we had a little fun and did a faux hawk in Zach's hair.  Or, as Zach told the Scheel's checkout guy, "Mom put some faux hawk in my hair."  He must think the product we put in his hair is called faux hawk.  We had to go to Scheel's to get new Hawkeye shirts for Zach and me for Zach's first Hawkeye football game this weekend.  Anyway, here's the faux hawk:

Also, here are just a couple of fun pictures of the boys swinging on our swing set the other day.  It was Drew's first time in the swing.  You can sort of see in the picture that he's still a little small for it.  If he keeps his feet up he doesn't fall forward.  We didn't really swing him much, but when we did swing him a little bit, he was all smiles and giggles.  It'll be nice when Drew's a little bigger and can really sit in the swing and actually swing.  

Drew reminds me a little bit of Humpty Dumpty in this picture.  I'm not sure if it's the shape of him in the swing and the way the swing cups him, or his bald head, or what.  I've always liked eggs, though...

I'll write more after the Hawkeye game this weekend.  I'm sure that will be fun.  Zach is so excited, he can hardly wait.  We're sitting with our neighbors BJ and Susan, and Zach loves them, especially Susan, so I'm sure Mike and I will pretty much be ignored during the game so Zach can point out all the cool things to Susan.  Either way, it'll be fun.  Let's just hope for good weather and a good game.  Go Hawks!

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fredecker said...

I missed this posting before somehow. I think it was because I was cracking up over the boys will be boys posting. Drew looks so cut in the swing. Again, I wonder if he will outweigh Zach sometime in the future. It will be fun when they can play together. Hope the game was fun for Zach. Sam

Oh and we definitely should go to that restaurant sometime!