Friday, September 26, 2008

i Got Suckered

Well, the title says it all- i Got Suckered.  Mike and I got our new iPhones yesterday.  I really was hesitant, but I did it.  Mike wanted his before he goes up to Lansing for a class so he can check his email while out of town, so he wanted to get it soon so he could get it all set up and get familiar with it.  I knew if he got one we'd be changing our service from US Cellular to AT&T, so I knew I'd probably need a new phone, too.  Plus, I'd been really hard on my RAZR- I don't know how many times I'd dropped it.  So, Mike and I headed out yesterday to go to the AT&T store to look at non-iPhones for me.  I started to think that maybe I'd like to have Internet access on my phone, and as we looked at those phones, I wasn't super-impressed.  So we went to the Apple store to check out the iPhones.  I knew this would be my downfall, and it was.  The Apple guy wasn't giving the hard sell or anything, but he told me just enough to get me hooked.  So, after being at the store for way too long, we both came home with our new iPhones last night.  I'm already loving it, of course.  I still feel like I got suckered into it, though.  After all the crap I gave Mike about it, he's loving that I got one, too.  I knew when he started talking about these phones a couple of months ago that it would only be a matter of time before he had one, and that that probably meant eventually I would, too.  Oh well.

We've been enjoying having my parents back here on the tail-end of their trip up to Minneapolis.  Earlier today they went to the Science Center with Zach (which they all really enjoyed), while Drew and I hung out at home.  It was a productive day- I made a chocolate-pumpkin cheesecake (chocolate crust), and  a new shrimp and mac and cheese dinner later that uses fontina and parmesan cheeses, pine nuts, fresh basil.  Yum!  I also vacuumed, took all 3 dogs and Drew for a walk, picked up dog poop, and mowed the lawn.  I didn't do all of that while my parents were away with Zach- some of it I needed Grandma's help in watching Drew, but still, it feels good to get some stuff done and to try some new recipes.  

My parents leave tomorrow. :-(  That's a bummer.  I think they're ready to get home and that Sadie is ready to get home, too.  I also think Maggie and Foudy are ready for Sadie to go.  All 3 dogs have gotten along really well, but I think they're all ready to get back to their normal lives.  I know Zach will be sad that Grandma and Grandpa are leaving.  For the first time ever, he's been choosing to have them put him down for naps and bedtime instead of Mike or me.  Tonight he wanted Grandpa Dick, and lucky Grandpa got to read a book that requires singing again (he had to read/sing this one yesterday at naptime, too).  Seems like Grandma and Grandpa must be doing a good job, though, because Zach keeps asking for them to do nap and bedtime.  

This afternoon Grandma took Zach out to get a new game for taking such good care of Sadie while they were in Minnesota.  Zach didn't clean up Sadie's pee either time she peed on our carpet or her puke the 2 times she threw up (once was tonight- it was one of Zach's socks); I cleaned all that up, so I'm wondering when Mom's taking me shopping for a special treat.  Just kidding, Mom!  They came home from Target with Hungry Hungry Hippos, and I gotta say, the game is just as fun now as it was when I was 5.  Mike, Zach, and I played it a bunch while dinner was in the oven, and Zach won almost every time.  I was surprised by his quickness.  And to all of our college friends who know how competitive Mike and I are when it comes to playing games, you'll be happy to know that we only argued a little bit while playing, and that most of the time Mike lost (he usually only got 3 marbles out of 20 or so).

We're watching the debate right now while my mom falls asleep on the couch.  I don't feel like McCain or Obama are saying anything new or opinion-changing, but I'm only half-listening, anyway.  Maybe the next debate will be more interesting to me.


zinncaulfield said...

You should bring the game to MN for Cam and Zach to play.

Britt said...

HA! Glad you could keep the competitive edge under control! Cale has Hungry Hippos, too - so fun!

Sandy said...

First of all, I totally laughed out loud about the phones! Second, I'm wondering if Sadie ate any marbles? Third, how in the heck do you find time to do all that stuff with 2 kids? As you will see tomorrow, I cannot get anything done.