Thursday, September 18, 2008

That Figures

Today Drew was up at 6 a.m. again.  It really is a pain when he's up that early.  Maybe I said this before, but I keep setting my alarm earlier and earlier so I can get up and shower before he's up, and in turn he keeps getting up earlier and earlier so I can't get all ready before he wakes up.  Anyway, I managed to keep him awake until after we dropped Zach off at preschool and tried to think positive thoughts about his morning nap.  No luck.  He slept for 30 minutes and then was awake.  I decided that I needed to let him try to go back to sleep on his own like he does at night, so I didn't go into his room.  After 30 minutes of crying, I decided that was enough and I got him up.  

So, the afternoon comes, and it's time for the second nap.  Again, I tried to think positive thoughts.  Well, this time he slept for about 50 minutes, which might sound great to some of you, but according to the experts, 6 month-old babies are "supposed to" take 2 hour and half to two hour naps each day, so 30 minutes and then 50 minutes just doesn't cut it.  This time, I took the opposite approach, and I hurried to his room as soon as I heard him make a noise and tried to calm him back to sleep without picking him up.  Well, whenever I do that, he just lays there and kicks his legs and moves his arms.  I can pin down an arm or two, but it's really hard to get both arms and legs, especially when you're trying to hide your face from him like I was, all the while thinking how ridiculous this was, and how I'd do about anything to get him to take a decent nap.  So then I left him in his room, and of course, he started bawling.  I knew he was tired so I let him cry for probably about 20-30 minutes to see if he'd go back to sleep, and of course he did not.  So I got him.  I'm probably just teaching him that if he cries for 30 minutes I'll come get him, but I don't feel right letting him cry much longer than that.  Even that long is hard in many ways.  First of all, I feel bad that he's sad, and second of all, I feel totally pissed that he's not sleeping when he's tired.  I have my own little tantrum downstairs and the dogs (mostly Maggie) go and hide, and then I go get Drew and he smiles at me and I'm over it.  Then the little angel just sits and plays and is happy.  

So of course Drew was tired a couple of hours later.  I put him down awake but sleepy at 4:55 and got ready to go work out.  I left at 5:15, and he was still sleeping soundly.  I got home at 6:35, and, go figure, he's STILL ASLEEP.  That little stinker took his longest nap of the day at 5 o'clock at night, when I was not even home- just Mike was.  Of course he takes a great nap for Dad.  Maybe he knew I was going to work out and that Mike just wouldn't be as interesting as me.  Just kidding.  Anyway, as Mike finished eating around 6:40, he went upstairs and woke Drew up.  So that was at least an hour and 40 minute nap.  Why can't he do that earlier in the day?!  It's so frustrating!

Speaking of frustration, Mike is feeling very frustrated right now and throwing his own little tantrums.  Mike really, really wants an iPhone.  The problem is that our current contract is not up until April, and Mike wants that iPhone yesterday.  So he's trying to get out of our contract on the basis that when US Cellular changed the text messaging rates on Sept. 1, that made our contract null and void.  They're not giving one inch on this, and it's really pissing Mike off.  It's a little funny to see all the trouble he's going to just to get rid of a perfectly fine phone and contract for a fancier phone and more expensive contract.  I mean, how are we even surviving without GPS, iTunes access, and Internet access right on our cell phones?  I'm not sure we can hang on until April!  At this point Mike has figured out that if we terminate our contract now, we'll have to pay a $90 penalty, and I think he's contemplating it.  I don't think he'll do it, but the thought has crossed his mind.  Never fear, though- I'll do my best to keep that $90 in our pockets.  It's unfortunate that I didn't get a picture of Mike on the phone arguing with the US Cellular guy.  That would have been kind of funny to post here. 


zinncaulfield said...

I don't know how often Drew ends up taking those late afternoon naps, but perhaps it's better to skip that late afternoon nap and then put him to bed early. Maybe that late afternoon nap is messing with his circadian rhythm? Just a thought.

Carrie and Rob said...

Sarah, we have gone through the EXACT same thing with Eleanor in terms of her getting up early and setting the alarm clock earlier and earlier. With the same results as you. Luckily, she finally seemed to settle in. Most days she'll sleep until 6:30 but sometimes it's still 5:30. We tiptoe by her door but i'm pretty sure she hears EVERYTHING.

In terms of napping... same thing also. She used to take two 90-120 minute naps. Now some days she takes a 45 minute morning and none in the afternoon. Then today she sleeps with 2 good naps again.

I can't figure this stuff out.