Monday, September 8, 2008

Picture Overload

I haven't blogged in a few days because not much has been going on, yet somehow I'm exhausted from feeling busy with plain-old everyday life stuff.  Well, that and the fact that Mike golfed all day Saturday and half the day Sunday, so I didn't get much of a chance to recharge my batteries before going into the long weekdays.  

The big news around here is that my new nephew finally has a name.  Sandy and Will are unique in that they don't like to do anything too quickly- eat dinner (Will is probably about as slow of an eater as Zach is, and that is SLOW), get married (they were together 7 years before they finally decided to get married), have kids (married 6 years before this little guy was born), etc.  So it really shouldn't be a surprise that naming their son took some time.  I like that they don't hurry through life- we should all learn a lesson from them about slowing down.  However, I was starting to get impatient, wondering what the heck (a phrase that Zach picked up from Uncle Will and is saying quite a lot- thanks, Will) to call this little guy.  Anyway, all that time proved to be useful in that they picked a great name.  Anders Wilson D. (I'm not putting that in for privacy purposes).  They wanted a family name, and so Anders comes from my grandma's maiden name, which was Anderson.  Wilson comes from Will's side of the family.  You can read a more detailed explanation and see many adorable pictures of my little blonde nephew if you click on Sandy & Will's link on the side of my blog.  He is so cute!  

Here are some random pictures.  Let's see, first there's Zach doing a crayon/rock activity.  You heat up the rocks in the oven and melt the crayons on it.  The rocks end up looking pretty cool. However, on this particular occasion, Zach was really into the brown crayon, so lots of the rocks ended up looking like big chocolate chunks.

Here's Drew posing in the rocking chair for his 6 month pictures.  I'm not sure, but I think maybe he's sticking his tongue out a little.  

Here is Drew taking his own picture.  

Ok, not really, but it looks like one of those pictures you take of yourself.

And here is where the onslaught of pictures starts.  Yesterday we had Drew's 6 month studio session.  Warning- LOTS of photos below.  I just couldn't narrow it down.

This is Drew when we told him that Aunt Sandy and Uncle Will still hadn't decided on a name for his new cousin, even though they'd been home from the hospital for a couple of days already.

But then we told him that we were sure Aunt Sandy and Uncle Will would come up with something great, and Drew felt better.

Now here's a bunch that just show what a happy baby Drew is.  I originally had his pictures scheduled for a time when Zach would be at preschool, but since I've figured out that's generally Drew's naptime, I had to reschedule.  I'm so glad I did.  The thing that got these great smiles from Drew was Mike tickling Zach.  Drew thinks Zach laughing is the greatest thing ever, so he smiled really big every time Zach got all cracked up.  So, Zach was very helpful at this picture appointment.

Finally, here's a little progression of Drew in a chair.  These were the last photos we took of him, and Mike and I think they really show his personality, which is coming out more and more- very curious, silly, and happy.

I'll try to not get quite so picture-crazy next time.  Judging by the number of pictures on this blog entry, I'm sure you can imagine what it was like in the studio trying to narrow down our choices so we didn't spend a fortune on Drew's pictures.  We actually got it down to 3 poses in about 15 minutes.  Mike had a tee-time that was coming up rather quickly, so we were under the gun.


Goldenzinns said...

Wow, can't wait to arrive and see all of you but esp. the little boys! Great pictures. And Drew sits up so nice in the chair now.

zinncaulfield said...

Love the Drew pictures! My favorite is the first one of him on the chair. Such a little ham! I can't believe he is already 6 months! I have the cutest nephews ever!