Monday, November 10, 2008

A Few Random Thoughts...

-Why is it that Drew's favorite toys are the dogs' toys and toys that say, "Not intended for children under 3" written on them?  It's like he has radar for these things.  I'll think I've sufficiently removed the dogs' disgusting tennis balls, squeaky toys, etc., and then I'll run to the bathroom and come back to find Drew happily sucking on one.  Gross.  He also really loves Zach's plastic food that goes with his kitchen.  Yesterday when we went to church, I made sure to pack a piece of plastic bread and plastic cheese, and they kept Drew very entertained throughout most of the sermon.  

-I'm so glad that we got leather furniture a while ago.  The massive amounts of spit-up that sometimes come out of Drew's mouth are much easier to clean off the leather than they would be on the cloth couches we used to have.  When do babies stop spitting up, anyway?  Zach never really spit up at all, so I keep wondering when this will end.  I've also made a mental note to really clean the leather furniture and get the carpets cleaned once the spitting up has ended.

-Zach really is his mother's child.  I put him down for his nap at his normal time today- about 2 o'clock.  I came down and turned on his monitor, and he was quiet.  Around 2:25 I heard walking around up in his room, though, so I went up to check on him.  He was back in bed when I got up there, but he was awake.  I asked what was going on, and he told me he had to get up to go into the bathroom to get his chapstick so he could have it right there with him in case he needed it.  I own about 10 chaptsticks- one for each purse, the car, my soccer bag, and about every room in the house.  I wouldn't want to be caught without my chapstick, and apparently, now, neither would my son!  His aunts will be so proud!

-I have on this show The Doctors right now, and they're talking about all the new drugs teenagers these days are doing, such as smoking salvia, snorting vodka and other alcohol (ouch!), taking lots of prescription drugs, etc.  Yikes!  Can I just keep my kids toddlers forever?


Adam and Jaime said...

I asked adam the same thing about spit up - when does it end?! He said generally by a year they can keep things down. hopefully! i have done DIY carpet cleaning a couple times, but we will have to do something better once G is done too.
oh, and i too have to have chapstick by my bed when i sleep, it is reapplied whenever i wake up. funny that zach is the same way already!!

zinncaulfield said...

Cam spit up definitely past a year--probably up until 18 months. It was necessarily spit-up past 12 months but he was very drooly. I will know that Zach is definitely like you when he EATS his chapstick! :)