Friday, November 21, 2008


Overheard while I was upstairs getting Drew in bed and Zach was finishing dinner:

Mike- "Zach, what have you been doing?"
Zach- "Nothing.  Just eating..."
Mike- "How did you make such a mess?"
Zach- silent, as far as I could tell
Mike- "Were you just pouring it over the table?"

There was some other talking, I think, and then I heard Zach cry and say, "Will I get to eat anymore?" and then I could tell he was in a time-out.  Then I heard this:

Zach- "Daddy still loves me, and I still love him."

I was upstairs cracking up this whole time, though I'm sure if were involved, I would have been as mad as Mike.  Turns out that while Mike was out of the kitchen for a couple of minutes and I was getting Drew in bed, Zach was making a mess of his blueberry applesauce.  So when Mike went back, there apparently was applesauce all over the table, and Zach was trying to clean it up with his napkin (one of those new, white cloth napkins).  Mike was only gone a couple of minutes, but it was long enough to make a mess, I guess.  As I listened from Drew's room and had no idea what was going on, I had flashbacks this time when I was kid, and I was the last one eating.  My dad was in the living room, and I was supposed to finish my peas, and then I could have a brownie.  So, I finally brought my plate into the living room to show my dad that I had cleaned my plate, and he said I could have a brownie.  I went back and got one, which I enjoyed very much, I'm sure.  As I finished it, my dad came back into the kitchen, only to realize that instead of eating my peas, I had dropped each one on the floor, one at a time.  Needless to say, I got into trouble for that one.  I'm not sure why I thought I could get away with it, though, really, I guess I did.  I mean, I got the brownie, didn't I?


zinncaulfield said...

I giggled!

Goldenzinns said...

OK, so you "earned" (in your own mind) that brownie. However, I seem to recall that I dropped a brownie on the kitchen floor while cutting them and was able to retrieve it but only after Ginger got to lick it a few times. That was the brownie you "earned."

Sarah said...

Well, apparently Ginger licking my brownie didn't scar me for life or anything, as I can still polish off a pan of brownies by myself in about one day!