Friday, March 6, 2009

A Couple of Things I Forgot

I forgot to write down some other things that Drew currently does:
-He loves to read books.  One of his favorites is Pat the Bunny, and as soon as we get to the page where we read Judy's book, he almost immediately throws his hands up for the SOOO BIG part.  We also have a Baby Einstein book called Dogs, and the last page is a picture of puppies that look just like Foudy.  So as soon as we pull out that book, he starts doing our sign for Foudy.  There's also a page where the text is, "Dogs pant when they're warm," and when we get to that page, Drew opens his mouth and starts breathing in and out real fast, like he is panting.  These things the he does with these two books always make me smile, especially because Zach used to do the same things with both books.  
-Mike has taught Drew how to blow kisses.  He doesn't do it every time, but he will put his fingers in his mouth and then pull them out and kind of goes, "Muh!"  Then he's very proud of himself.
-He laughs quite often when he farts.  He's a guy's guy already!

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