Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandma Linda!

This weekend we got to celebrate Mike's mom's 60th birthday.  We went out to lunch and went back to Curt and Linda's place to continue the party.

First, Grandma Linda opened her presents.

Then we enjoyed the cake that Zach and I made for her earlier that morning.

Zach loves to blow out candles, so he was thrilled that Grandma wanted his help with blowing hers out.  As he said to us beforehand, "She probably can't blow out 2 candles at one time!"

While Grandma was cutting the cake, I watched as Zach bumped his finger into the side of it and said, "Whoopsie!" and then licked his finger.  

Drew and I thought this was pretty hilarious.

But then Drew got very serious.

And then Dad and Grandma cheered him up again.

We hope you had a great birthday, Grandma Linda!

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