Friday, March 27, 2009

My Darling Children

A few quotes from Zach that probably only Mike and I will appreciate:

1. "This is so rediferous!  I hate it when this happens!"  
This was yesterday, after I couldn't find the dogs' collars, and said that Dad didn't know where they go and must have put them in the wrong place.  We were on our way out the door with the dogs, and the dogs really only wear their collars when in the car (I want to make sure they can be identified as belonging to us should we get into an accident).  I was frustrated that Mike had supposedly put the collars in the wrong place because he didn't know better.  As it turns out, I think the collars might still be at Mike's parents' house from when we were in Colorado.  Oops.  The rediferous comment helped me to not be too frustrated about such a little thing, though. 

2. "Mom, I can't believe you didn't break that bench!"
We recently got a bench for our mudroom, and today I sat on it to put on my shoes.  Apparently Zach thought I was too big for  it.

3. "Did the 'naut who wasn't driving have to sleep on the way to the moon?"
We were reading a book called On the Moon, which combines cartoon drawings with real pictures of the moon and outerspace to tell what it was like when the astronauts landed on the moon.  It says in the book how it took 4 whole days for them to get to the moon, and I compared that to us driving to Colorado, which takes one whole day, and we don't even go nearly as fast as the rocket goes to get to the moon.  Zach must have thought about how we make him sleep when we drive to Colorado (or on most long drives, usually), and so he wondered about the "'nauts" going to the moon.  Usually he calls them astronauts, so I don't know where the whole "'naut" thing came from.

4. "Nobody knows why I bit Drew."
As you can imagine, this one didn't go over so well with me.  This morning when Drew woke up from his nap, I was changing clothes, and Zach went into Drew's room, with my permission.  I could hear them both laughing, and then suddenly Drew's laughs turned to crying.  Then I heard Zach walk out of Drew's room and start doing something else.  So I called Zach into my room and said, "Zach, why is Drew crying?"  Zach's response was, " me think...I'm not"  It was obvious that he had done something he didn't want to tell me about.  Once I finally got him to come clean, he told me that Drew was crying because he bit him.  My obvious next step was to ask why Zach bit Drew, and that was when I got the quote stated above.  Eventually he showed me the red marks on Drew's finger.  I still never figured out why Zach did it, especially when they were playing together and Drew was still in his crib, so he couldn't have done something to make Zach mad, I don't think.  The whole situation resulted in a time-out for Zach and we didn't get to go to playgroup, which was a bummer for him and me.  Playgroup was supposed to be at Paige and Will's house, and Zach LOVES Paige, who is 5 and one of 2 girls (the other girl just turned 2) at our otherwise all boy playgroup.  So this produced many tears, and another cute quote, "But I haven't seen Paige in SOOO LONG!"  I was as disappointed as Zach to not get to go to playgroup.  After all, I need the time with my friends as much as he needs it with his, but I want to nip this biting thing in the bud and hit him where it hurts, so to speak.  Mission accomplished, I hope.

On another note, we had Zach's preschool conference yesterday.  It was a good conference, and I am amazed at the portfolio the teacher gave us.  The portfolio is filled with pictures of Zach engaged at school, anecdotal notes from the teachers about all the milestones he has reached, samples of work, and quotes from Zach, which were apparently captured with a little tape-recorder.  It's a 1.5" binder that is seriously filled with pages.  Zach's teacher said that he is Mr. Happy and very friendly and helpful.  We were worried he might be a little too helpful (a.k.a. bossy) sometimes, but she said he's not anymore helpful than any other kids, which was good to hear.  We are so happy Zach got into this preschool, and we're thankful he'll be there next year for 4 year-old preschool as well.

It seems that Drew packed a little something extra in his suitcase to bring home with him from Colorado- an attitude.  All of a sudden this week, Drew has started seriously asserting himself, mostly when it comes to sharing toys with Zach.  For example, Zach was sitting in Drew's little red car, and Drew just started pulling at Zach and whining/screeching like he wanted Zach to get out.  Yesterday after Drew's nap, he was just in a terrible mood, and I was trying to distract him by getting him to play with me.  I showed him the pounding toy Aunt Sandy and Uncle Will just sent him for his birthday, but he wanted nothing to do with it.  Nothing, until Zach started to play with it, of course.  Then he crawled right over, grabbed the hammer that was in Zach's hand, and tried to muscle it away from Zach, again while whining/screeching about it.  It's really difficult to not laugh when Drew does this sort of thing, because it's just kind of funny to see.  It's also difficult to discipline a 1 year-old, because he's just so little, and it seems like he doesn't understand much.  But, like the biting, I know I need to put a stop to this stuff right away, so I am trying to do just that.  One positive thing, though is that Drew is trying to walk more.  He gets very proud of himself when he strings a bunch of steps together.  He loves an audience, too.

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