Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday I asked Drew what he wants for his third birthday, which is just a couple of weeks away. First he mentioned a new Mater truck because one of the side mirrors had literally just broken off of one of ours. Then, he surprised me by saying he wanted a baby, as in a doll. I truly was floored. When Drew was born, we asked Zach if he wanted a doll, and he definitely did not want one. So it surprised me that Drew, my car-loving, all-boy boy said he wanted a baby. At first I thought, Okay, so we get a doll for him and then he plays with it for a week and is done with that phase, and I'll be annoyed we spent the money on it. Then I remembered that I had some of my old toys in the storage room, so we went downstairs to see if I had a baby, and sure enough, right away we found my Cabbage Patch Kids. Drew took one look at my preemie Cabbage Patch Kid and knew he'd found his baby. I have to say, fatherhood suits him. He loved that his baby has a binky and a bottle, and he made sure to feed his baby right away. He also named his baby Duckbird, although I noticed that today the name changed to Birdduck. And the way he talks to his baby is just how he talks to Jake- it's very sweet and loving.

Since Duckbird/Birdduck went along to pick Zach up from school, Zach took immediate notice and asked if there was another baby he could have. So when we got home, we headed straight downstairs to check out the other Cabbage Patch Kids. Originally Zach wanted the one boy Cabbage Patch I have, which is actually a clown doll. However, he then changed his mind and went with my little African American Cabbage Patch Kid. This girl (I want to say the name on her adoption papers is Teresa?) was my first ever Cabbage Patch Kid. I remember saving my money and having my friend's mom, who worked at Target and therefore had first dibs, buy her for me. I really wanted a little black girl, for some reason. After that I got 3 other Cabbage Patch Kids- the preemie, a little white girl with glasses, and the boy clown. Anyway, Zach was excited to have a baby, too. As far as I know, Zach hasn't named his baby yet.

The boys are not only excited about their babies, but also about the accessories that go with them. I have a matching diaper bag, baby carrier (one where you wear the baby), and an infant seat (like a car seat) that is at my parents' house in Colorado, but which they are going to mail to me. Drew and I also found a second purse that he is using as his diaper bag. The boys are not so interested in the different clothes for the dolls, even though I washed them in case they wanted to change things up at all. Drew says his baby is a boy, even though he (she) is wearing flowers and hearts. That's ok. Zach's doll had crazy hair, so I braided it in two braids, and he was so sweet- hours later he said to me, "Thanks for braiding my baby's hair, Mom."

In this picture Drew is using my sister Sandy's baby sling to hold his baby.

Today Drew and I saw a video of a mother giraffe nursing her baby at the zoo here. So then Drew decided we were all giraffes, and Birdduck was his baby giraffe. So he got Birdduck's bottle, held it between his legs, and then held Birdduck down to drink from it. At first I didn't get what he was doing, but then I realized that that's kind of how it looked like the giraffes were doing it. It was pretty funny.

And then later today, just out of the blue, Drew said to me, "Thank you for giving me my baby, Mom." For as many headaches as that kid causes me, he sure can be a sweetheart. And even if the doll phase doesn't last, it's kind of neat to see the boys playing with some of my old toys. I didn't ever expect that to happen with three little boys!

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zinncaulfield said...

Cute! Cam went through a phase I think after Myles was born playing w/ my old Cabbage Patch dolls too. I'm putting that baby carrier in my suitcase!