Saturday, February 19, 2011


Mike has just started a new workout regimen called P90X. You've probably heard of it. Part of the program includes doing Yoga once a week (I think; I'm not real familiar with it). Mike does most of the workouts in the morning, but the yoga is quite long, so he has done those in the evening. This week he got started before the boys went to bed, so Zach and Drew joined in. They were already playing in their swim trunks (something they've been doing a lot lately- I have no idea why). So they took off their shirts, got their makeshift yoga mats (beach towels) and joined in.

It's a little difficult to see Drew in this first picture,

so I took another picture from a different angle. I'm not sure why Drew is using the table to help him with this particular pose.

Then Drew decided he could get more out of his first yoga experience by losing all of his clothes. Actually, he had to go potty, and then decided to just finish his workout in the nude. Drew may be onto the next big thing in yoga- using the table for new poses and doing the whole thing nude. I really love the pose Drew is striking in this first photo. I feel like he looks like a rockstar posing before a big performance or something. And I'll give you one guess on what he's doing with the hand you can't see...


BJ & Carey said...

I think that the last photo should be submitted the P90X marketing people...who knew that it could provide so much family bonding :)!

Jen O said...

I bet he's holding Mater w/ his other hand. Am I right? (wink!)