Friday, February 11, 2011

Quotes From Drew

Drew turns 3 in just a few weeks, and he is most definitely at that age where he says so many funny things without even trying to be funny. If you laugh, though, you get into big trouble, because he does not appreciate people laughing at him. I've tried to explain that it's good to make people laugh, but Drew's not buying it. So, if you find any of these Drew quotes to be funny (which you may not- most of them are much cuter in person than in writing), don't tell him that they made you laugh!

The quotes:

To Zach, when Zach must have asked him to do something he thought wasn't safe, "Zach, I can't do things that are dangerous when I'm two."

Upon seeing some horses on a digital screen outside Wells Fargo Arena, "Did you see those horses? Those horses are increble (incredible)!"

Drew and I were in a public bathroom, and after he pottied, I pottied, and asked him not to flush until I was done. He said he'd just hold the flusher up, and unlike most toilets we're used to, this toilet flushed when the handle was pushed up. It surprised us both, and Drew said, with perfect inflection, "Well, that's one way to flush it!!! That toilet's increble!"

Me, to Drew, who has his hands down his pants: "Drew, what are you doing?"
Drew: "Just checking to see how big my penis is... It's good big."

A few days later, Mike, Zach, and Drew were all in the shower. Drew stared for a minute, and then said, "Dad, your penis is humongous!" Then a minute later, under his breath, he added, "But not as huge as mine..."

After Zach about fell off his chair at the dinner table and started crying, Drew again used perfect inflection and said, "Oh, brother."

To Jake, who was just laying on the floor (and imagine Drew's normal voice going up about 3 octaves to his parentese voice, which he uses all the time when talking to Jake), "Oh, hi Jake! Aren't you just precious moments?" And, for the record, we do not have anything Precious Moments in our house.

Last week on trash day, Drew said to me, "Mom, do you hear the garbage truck approaching?" I loved that he used the word "approaching."

He's also using phrases like "Oh my goodness!" and "For Pete's sake!"

Tonight, just before bed, "I can do anything!" I'd like to use that one against him, every time I ask him to do something he doesn't feel like doing and he whines, "But it's so haaaaaard!!"

I asked Drew to show me his mad face for this picture, and he certainly did. Not his maddest face, though.

Zach wanted in on the mad face photos, but this isn't really what Zach looks like when mad.

Then they wanted a sweet photo together.

This summer Drew started noticing gas stations, and whenever we'd need to get gas, he'd ask if we were going to the green station (BP) or the red station (Kum & Go or Casey's). After the big oil spill in the Gulf, I stopped going to BP, which wasn't a big deal because there's a Kum & Go right by us that I go to 90% of the time anyway. I started by just saying I didn't like the green gas, but that answer just didn't suffice, so after being asked again and again why I didn't like the green gas, I told Drew the simple version of the gulf spill. Here's his take on it.

And one last video that I just discovered on our video camera. This was from Christmas Eve, after church. Santa Claus (really Mike's dad) has surprised Zach and Drew the last two years by calling them on Christmas Eve. Last year Drew was too little to talk, but Zach ate up the whole act. This year, Zach was totally into it again, and Drew, well, he was a little too busy to talk to Santa, at least at first. Classic Drew- he has his own agenda, and he will let you know that he's not interested in changing it. See for yourself.
Oh, that Drew. I love him to pieces, but he sure does wear me out some days!

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