Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cheering on the Blue Demons

Last weekend our friend Arch's (real name- Kevin Archer) high school basketball team (he's the coach) was playing up at Wells Fargo Arena, so a bunch of us college friends got together to go cheer the team on. Our friends Troy and Jen live a few hours from here, so we don't get to see them often, and we see their kids even less often. This was really the first time that Zach and Drew got to meet Lauren and Reese, and boy, did they have fun. We all met up at a restaurant before the game- Jenny and Troy with 2 of their 3 daughters (little Paige stayed with family members to nap since she's just 9 months old), BJ and Carey with their son Charlie, and Jenn (Arch's wife) and 2 of their kids, Gavin and Rowen (their daughter Claire stayed home with Grandma). It didn't take long for the kids to warm up to each other. Once we were done with dinner, we headed to the arena to watch Arch's team play. First, Reese, Zach, Lauren, and Drew had some fun playing in the stands.

Notice that Reese (in the hearts) is a little taller than Zach. She just turned 5 a couple of weeks ago, whereas Zach will be 6 in 4 months. So either Reese is on the tall side, or Zach is on the short side, or probably both.

The school where Arch teaches/coaches had some cardboard cut-outs made of his face. We are constantly teasing Arch about the size of his head, so these gigantic cut-outs made for some fun jokes and picture taking opportunities.

First, me, Carey, and Jenny O. with Arch's head.

Then Carey decided to get a little closer. Thanks, Jen, for the pictures!

Even though Jenny has a 9 month old at home, she still needed to get her little-baby fix. Jake was happy to be on the receiving end of that. He knows a good mom when he sees one, so he just snuggled up and took a nap, which was amazing given the fact that there were some very loud junior high age fans right behind us.

Lauren must be learning from her mom, because she seemed to enjoy mothering Drew a little. He was happy to oblige her, too.

Unfortunately, the Blue Demons didn't win their game, though it was a close one. It was fun to watch Arch in his role as coach. After the game we headed back to BJ and Carey's house for a while so the kids could play and the adults could hang out. When we left around 9:00 (way past bedtime for our boys), the boys were tired but had had a lot of fun. Zach was asking when we could have a sleepover with Reese and Lauren. I think we'll have to get those kids together again sometime- hopefully before another 5 years passes!

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Jen O said...

Just for the record, Reese has asked about Zach every day since we left last weekend! I think we made a love connection!!! Reese for me!