Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cute Moments

We've got 2 sick boys here.  Drew has had a terrible cold since Monday, with a very runny nose, sneezes, coughing, the whole nine yards.  When he wakes up in the morning she sounds like he's been smoking 3 packs a day for years.  Poor kid.  Of course he hates having his nose wiped, but he sneezes and has huge globs of snot connecting his nose to his mouth, so sometimes it just has to be done.  He is pretty good about having his nose sucked out with the bulb syringe.  Sometimes he seems to think it's funny and he smiles right afterwards.  And thankfully I have Foudy nearby to take care of any random kleenex I might leave lying around.  Today I set one on the coffee table to use later, and I had my back to it for a few minutes.  Next thing I know, I turn around and there's no sign that there was ever a kleenex there.  That dog- she loves her kleenex and lately her baby socks.  Stinker.  Good thing she's so cute, or I'd probably get mad at her.

Zach hasn't caught Drew's cold yet, but tonight he had a fever.  He woke up from his nap pretty whiney and ate even less than usual at dinner (he literally ate only 5 grapes), and he kept needing Mike to "work" on him.  So Mike was doing some cranial-sacral therapy on Zach and noticed that he felt really warm, so we took his temp and he had a fever a little over 101.  We were supposed to go work out tonight and Grandma Linda was going to come over.  We thought maybe we should stay here and get Zach to bed early, but Zach got really upset at the idea of Grandma not coming over.  When we go work out, Zach and Grandma cuddle and read books most of the time, I think, and Zach just didn't want to miss that.  So we had Grandma come and put Zach to bed early.  I guess that old adage of a kid wanting his parents when he's sick doesn't ring true in our house!  Hopefully both kids are feeling better tomorrow.

Anyway, here are a few cute/funny things Zach has said and done over the past few days:

-Zach was playing with his firetruck & fireman and said to me, "Mom, this guy is Dotcom."  I said, "His name is dot-com?"  Zach said, "Yep, he's Dotcom."  I thought it was funny that my 3 year-old was naming this figurine after a portion of a web address.

-On the way to preschool yesterday Zach was talking about how when he gets bigger he's going to play all sports.  I told him that to get big and strong, he needs to eat his fruits, veggies, meat, and the healthy food that Mom gives him.  Then our conversation went like this:
Zach- "Well, one time at McDonald's with Grandpa Kevin I didn't eat my meat."
Me- "What?"
Zach- "I didn't want the meat, so Grandpa took it off for me."
Me- "What?  Grandpa took it off?"
Zach- "Yeah, Grandpa took it off my pickle sandwich."
Me- "Oh, I see.  So he took the meat off your pickle sandwich."
Zach- "Yeah."
Me- "So you didn't have chicken nuggets?  You ordered a hamburger or cheeseburger instead?"  Whenever we go to McD's he gets nuggets.
Zach- "Yeah, but I didn't want the meat."
Me- "When was this?  Was this after Mom's soccer game when you went to McDonald's with Grandpa Kevin?" I was confused, because I couldn't think of when he'd been to McD's w/Grandpa and w/o me.
Zach- "Yeah."
Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny that Zach conned Grandpa Kevin into taking the burger out and letting him have a "pickle sandwich," which had to have only 1 pickle, knowing McDonald's.  This story definitely made me laugh.  And Kevin, if you're reading this, know that you're not the first (or surely the last) Grandpa to get conned by Zach! :)

-When Grandma Linda put Zach to bed tonight they read a story where a dog eats grass to help himself throw up.  Zach said to Grandma that he hoped he didn't throw up tonight.  She told him that if he was feeling bad, he should just call Mom or Dad.  Zach replied, "But I don't know their number!"  

-When Zach, Drew, and I went out to lunch with our friend Moira on Monday, Zach was so excited.  It had been a long time since we'd seen Moira, and Zach was very happy to be seeing her again.  As we ate lunch, at times Zach was talking, and at times I was talking.  If I was telling Moira a story, Zach would make sure to get involved in the conversation by saying things like, "Well, you know it's pretty hard," even if that didn't really make sense with the conversation.  He does this a lot when he's not part of the conversation.  Or else he'll throw in a random, "Yeah," just to be involved.  So one time he said something like that, and Moira said something like, "Wow, you know about that?"  and Zach's response was, "Yeah, I know all things."  The funny thing is, I'm certain Zach believes that to be true!

-Today the boys and I were playing fetch with Maggie.  I would sit on the edge of the living room/kitchen and throw the toy down the kitchen towards the fridge.  Sometimes Zach would race Maggie to the toy, and sometimes he would throw it for her.  And Drew was just sitting and watching and smiling at all of this.  He likes watching Maggie run after that toy and play with it.  Anyway, I heard the garage door open, so I said, "Dad's home!" at the same time that I threw the toy.  Zach and Maggie took off for the toy, and Foudy took off to run to greet Dad.  Well, you can guess what happened- Foudy and Zach collided and Zach fell down.  He kind of cried/whined and came over to me, and at the same time Foudy ran to me, sat down and was all over Zach, kissing him and loving him up.  It was so sweet.  It was like she was telling him sorry and that it was ok all at the same time.  He loved it, and if that wasn't enough to make him feel better, as he was retelling me the story of what happened (there was some definite smack! jam! in there) with much animation, Maggie dropped the toy right into Zach's arms.  That got him very distracted and happy, at least until Mike came in and Zach had to tell the story again.  I just thought it was sweet how much Foudy loved him up after their collision.  It's little things like that that make me forgive her when she eats one of Drew's socks or something.

I thought there was something else I was going to write about, but I can't remember it now.


zinncaulfield said...

Hope the boys are feeling better tomorrow and that no one else gets sick. Love the stories!

Britt said...

Maren has a terrible cough, too. Poor Babies! I hope they're feeling better soon!

Love the new layout!

Adam and Jaime said...

I hope they feel better soon, poor guys! I enjoy reading about their antics - Zach sounds a little like me as a child, I talked incessantly. And, there is actually a published story about a dog who binges on grass to induce vomiting??