Sunday, October 26, 2008


Some things I've noticed lately and wanted to make note of:
-When I walk behind Zach while he's riding his bike, I can really see how he tries to ride with no hands.  He has mastered riding with just his right hand steering so he can wave to people, cover his mouth while coughing, etc., and now he's getting brave, and he lifts both hands a few inches above the handlebars.  This cracks me up because 1. it's cute to see him getting brave, and 2. my sisters & husband know I'm a bit of a chicken on my bike (due to multiple crashes as a kid, especially when there was gravel present), and so Zach and I are now at the same point as far as being able to ride no-hands; I, too, can only raise my hands a few inches above the handlebars for a few seconds before I chicken out and grab hold again.  Like Zach, I can also successfully ride holding on with just my right hand, and maybe even just my left.  At least I don't have training wheels on my bike...
-The boys' bedtime routine goes like this- read a book or two, say prayers, sing the Amen song 2 times through.  I've really noticed lately how as soon as I start singing the Amen song with Zach, he yawns a big yawn.  This happens at naptime and bedtime at night.  It really makes me think of Pavlov's dog.
-Drew not only thinks it's funny when Zach cries; he thinks it's funny when anybody is crying, or at least any children.  I've noticed at playgroup that anytime a kid is upset about something and crying, Drew smiles big smiles and laughs.  Seems like he's set to inherit my trait of inappropriate laughing- I have a problem with laughing when somebody falls down or something.  It's especially bad when it's Mike falling down- sometimes he gets annoyed because I can't stop laughing and he's hurt (usually it's just his pride that's hurt).  I'm laughing now just thinking about it.
-Drew has tried the little Gerber Puffs (his first table food), and he is crazy about them.  He's only had them a few times, mostly when he's just finished his dinner and I need to keep him happy while Zach and I eat, but he knows the container already and everything.  When he sees me coming over to his highchair with the container, he gets big-eyed and excited.  The poor kid probably only manages to get about 3 out of 5 in his mouth on the first try, but he's working on that pincer grasp, so we're already seeing improvement there.  When he started it was probably 1 out of 5 on the first try.

And a couple other cute things:
-Zach and I were talking about Mike being away at a con-ed class.  Zach asked if it was a work class, and I said yes.  Then Zach said, "I wonder who their bell-ringer is?"  I though it was cute that he was associating his dad's class with his preschool class and the jobs they have there.  
-It was extremely windy here today, like blow-your-chairs-off-your-deck windy, and Zach went outside to attempt to play with the dogs.  He came in and said, "Mom, it's horrible out there!"  I thought it was funny for him to use the word horrible to describe a windy day.
-My mother-in-law and I were discussing Mike possibly changing his plane ticket and how expensive it would be, and Zach, feeling that need to be in the discussion, said, "Well, if it costs too much, Dad will just have to get on the plane and fly to the bank!"  


zinncaulfield said...

Ok, I started to crack up thinking about you laughing at Mike falling. Does Mike fall often?

Sarah said...

It's not that Mike falls often, but enough. There are a few times that stick out in my head. He's fallen a couple of times at kickboxing lately, and one time, I could not keep it together. Luckily he wasn't hurt. He'll love that I've written this about him. He already says he feels like he's portrayed as the "bumbling husband/dad" in this blog, but I don't try to make him out that way.