Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hawkeyes and Halloween

This weekend Mike and I got to go to another Hawkeye game, and this time, we got to sit in a box.  That was really cool.  Mike was offered the tickets for free from some very kind patients of his.  I was worried it might be awkward being in the box with a bunch of people we didn't know, but it was fine.  We were at about the 40 yard-line, and the view up from the box was amazing.  Being able to see the whole field was neat because we could really tell who was open, who wasn't, who had the ball, etc.  The box we were in was totally inside, but it had these huge, incredibly streak-free windows that you could open up and hear the crowd, the band, etc.  It was a nice day, but a bit chilly, so it was good to be inside where it was warm.  We had free food and drinks, too, which was nice.  Add all that to the Hawkeyes playing a great game and scoring a win over Wisconsin, and it was the perfect day.  Here are a couple of pictures I took before the game started.

We came home and found Zach and Drew having a fun time with Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Cynthia.  They headed home, and after some playtime downstairs, we decided to have family movie night.  We watched A Muppet Treasure Island and had a very non-traditional dinner of apple slices, carrots with peanut butter, and popcorn.  

Today we did what so many other Americans do on the weekend- we hit up both Costco AND Target in one day.  Unlike so many other Americans, however, we managed to not spend an arm and a leg at those 2 stores.  Not for lack of trying, though.  I felt very proud about our visits to both places- we got only 1 or 2 items that weren't on the list!  

This afternoon Zach and I went to a Halloween party at my friend Kristi's house.  Kristi and I went to college together, and she has a little boy who was born the same day as Zach (in the same hospital, no less), and another little boy who is just about to turn one.  Zach has had his mind set on being a firefighter for months now, so that's what his costume is.  I had picked up a fireman costume at Target about a month ago for less than $15.  We just showed it to Zach last night, and he was so excited.  He tried it on right away and about had a meltdown when he had to take it off for bedtime.  Well, today at Costco, we found a different fireman costume that was way cooler, and it wasn't expensive, either.  So, we got that one.  Kind of silly to have 2 fireman costumes for one kid, I know, but this one today is so much cooler.  If we had seen it first, we never would have gotten the Target one, which is basically a red plastic jacket and helmet that probably won't last terribly long anyway.   The new costume has cloth overalls, a cloth jacket with real hooks, and a black helmet.  Anyway, the party was fun, Zach looked pretty cute in his costume (I thought, anyway), and we had fun.  And kudos (and a big thanks) to my friend Kristi for all the work she put into hosting a party for a bunch of kids 4 and under.  She made lots of yummy food,  carved a pumpkin very intricately, had crafts planned (bag decorating and painting wooden jack-o-lanterns), and had the kids decorate cookies she baked.  Mom of the Year Award for her!

Here are all the kids at the party- you can't miss Zach with all that reflective tape on his costume!

Here's Zach getting started on painting his jack-o-lantern.

Tomorrow Zach, Drew, and I are having lunch with our former music teacher, Moira.  Moira is the most amazing music teacher.   I used to work with her when I taught 5th grade, and the students loved her.  She left the year before I did and started her own business.  Moira then taught a private music class for Zach and some of my friends' kids, and we met pretty much every Friday for over 2 years.  Zach first started right after his first birthday.  Moira took a new teaching job this fall, so she isn't doing the private classes anymore, and we miss her SO MUCH!  Zach absolutely adores Moira, and he really loved his music classes.  I loved watching him in the classes, too, because he had so much fun.  So Zach and I are very excited to see Moira tomorrow for lunch.  It will be great to catch up, though I'm sure I'll hardly get a word in edgewise, with all the talking Zach will be doing!  :)


Laura said...

How fun....we are so jealous that you all get to so many Hawkeye games....we were hoping to get to one in IC this year, but it just didn't happen....maybe next year. Love Zach's costume...very authentic.

zinncaulfield said...

Sounds like an awesome Halloween party! Zach sure does look cute. Did you get a dalmation costume for Drew?