Monday, October 13, 2008

A Few Random Things

Here are some random things that have happened or that Zach has said over the last few days that have made me chuckle:

-Yesterday Zach seemed to dislike the amount of attention Drew was getting.  We were all playing together, but I'd say Drew was getting 65% of the attention, because we were trying to get him to crawl.  So Zach was getting in on the action, too, and Drew, who loves to touch things, especially people's faces, reached up to touch Zach and touched his hair.  Zach flipped out, and started crying, "No, Drew!  Don't mess up my hair!"  When I asked what the big deal was, Zach cried, "I want my hair to look pretty!!"  I about died laughing.  Now, to Zach's credit, Zach's hair had been fixed into a little faux-hawk; it wasn't just his normal short, flat hair.  But it seemed like such a funny thing for him to get upset about.
-Today Zach, Drew, and I had our normal Monday trip to Hy-Vee for the week's groceries.  About halfway through the trip, Zach wanted to write on the grocery list.  That was no big deal to me.  I was looking at some produce, and Zach kind of laughed or something, and I looked at him and he kind of had one of those grins that turned to a bit of an uh-oh, wide-eyed look.  At the same time, Drew was kind of whimpering.  I looked at him and noticed a nice, inch and a half long pen mark right on the soft spot of his head that was also all red.  It looked like it might not have felt that great.  So Zach lost his privilege of writing on the list and I reclaimed the pen, gave Drew a quick spit-bath, and told Zach that he could have poked his brother's eye out or something.  How cliche, right?  At that same time an older lady was walking by and kind of smiled at me and said, "Been there, done that."  I'm sure it was kind of funny for her to see this whole thing take place.
-While we were still at the grocery store, we got very lucky.  Just like us, the local firemen like to do their grocery shopping on Mondays, and today we were all there at the same time.  I saw a couple of them and quietly said to Zach, "Those two guys right there are firemen."  I had to point the guys out again, and by this point, it seemed like they knew I was talking about them.  They then went to check-out, and Zach wanted to talk to them.  So, feeling like the paparazzi, we walked over to one of them, and Zach said, "Excuse me, are you a fireman?"  And thankfully the guy was really nice and talked to Zach, asked him what his name was and his little brother's name was, and some other stuff.  Zach told him he was going to be a fireman for Halloween.  I'm sure this isn't the first time some little boy has been interested in the firemen.  It was all pretty cute.  We then had to go to the front windows at Hy-Vee so we could look out into the parking lot and see the fire engine.  Unfortunately, we learned that the fire department had their open house last Saturday and we missed it.  Darn.  Zach would have loved to have gone.  
-Today Zach said to me, "Mom, I flipped myself off!"  Then later he told Mike, "Dad, I flipped myself off and it made my tummy come big."  He was riding on my back up the stairs and I flipped him upside down when we got to his room, but his version was that he flipped himself off.  It just sounded funny to hear him say that.  I'm not sure what the tummy part was about.
-Today Drew was a pretty happy baby.  At one point I said something that made Zach laugh, and just seeing Zach laugh made Drew get all cracked up.  He's already a copycat- laughing just because his big brother laughs.  Then Zach was playing a version of peek-a-boo with Drew, and again, Drew was just getting so cracked up.  It's the most awesome thing in the world to see the boys interacting and to see Drew loving his brother so much.

And here's a random picture of Zach with a leaf project we did together.  The leaves are so beautiful right now- I find myself picking them off our trees and wanting to keep them just because they're so pretty.  I've created a monster, though, because now when we go on walks and bike rides, Zach wants to pick up almost every leaf we see.  This makes bike rides especially long because it takes him a minute to get off and on his bike.  Oh well.  We've had fun making our projects.  You can't really see Zach's face in this picture, but you can kind of see how the project is like a stained-glass window, if you will.  

And just because they're so pretty, here are some pictures of the trees in our backyard.  They're small, but pretty. 


Adam and Jaime said...

I like the stained glass leaves! That little craft gem has been filed away in my memory for future use. :)

Adam and Jaime said...

Thanks for the invite! Gretta has been under the weather since last night (just a cold I think), but if she is feeling better I'll try to make it. My email is, just so we don't have to leave posts to communicate :)

zinncaulfield said...

That Zach is goofy!