Friday, October 31, 2008

A Story Few Will Appreciate

Really only a few of you will appreciate this story.  Like Will, Rob, Mike, and maybe anybody else who is both a Hawkeye and Star Wars fan.

This morning Zach wanted to play with the lightsaber application on my iPhone.  Originally I thought it was dumb of Mike to download this application, as all you do is move your phone around and it sounds like a lightsaber.  However, then I saw how much Zach enjoyed playing with it, and I thought it might come in handy if we're ever somewhere where we have to wait a long time and the usual tricks are not working.  So anyway, I've only used the application about once, so Zach knew more about how to work it than I did, which is kind of funny given that he's 3 years-old.  So he shows me how you can see the lightsaber close up and picks his color/character.  Then he starts using it and says to me, "I think this guy is Moeaki."  I said, "Really?  Moeaki?"  Zach said, "Yeah, his name is Moeaki."  For those of you non-Hawkeye fans, Tony Moeaki is tight-end for the Hawkeyes, and is a good player.  Obviously Zach's heard his name more than once.  Anyway, I figured that Mike would be tickled by his son's combination of Star Wars and Hawkeye football.

Like I said, a story few could appreciate.

Still working on getting some Halloween pictures up.  Hopefully I'll get it done tonight!


friendlydr said...

Great info.

Sandy said...

Will is very proud.